Stop wasting precious time copying your e-commerce data

Sync4Mage is the best solution to integrate almost any ERP System with your Magento Store.

Thanks to Sync4Mage you can powerfully sync all your data.

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Magento ERP Integrations

Each data is synced and visible in Magento and in the Magento ERP System

  • Data are always synced with the ERP System
  • Power and Safe synchronisation
  • Customisation options
  • Manual input-related error and mistake minimisation
  • Free Sync4Mage updates for a year

Integrazione Magento pannello

Sync4Mage connects the data vital to the running of your business




Product List
Customers Products
Customers Data
Sales Agent
Sales Agent client
Customers with various/different destinations
Variations (when applicable)



Powerful and safe synchronisation

Magento integration configurations
Import/export Magento Integration

  • Read/write Data source is in house without changing the LAN configuration
  • It reads DBs (including SQL Server, MS Access, SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL), text file (including CSV and XML) and File System
  • It writes to DBs (including SQL Server, MS Access, SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL) and text file CSV
  • It is differential: only changes are synchronized
  • Push media files (photos, images, etc.)
  • Multi-store runs with single installation
  • Its configuration/maintenance does not require system engineer skills
  • Customisation is possible through it’s simple configuration

Soon available for Magento 2

Why Sync4Mage is the best Magento integration

Unlike other connectors:


  • Sync4Mage is a Windows Application: It does not imply Magento modifications as it uses its own API
  • It’s installed in-house at your company: it has direct access to resources which are not available externally
  • It allows to import simple, configurable products and stock products (our Magento module to manage easy massive purchase of products)
  • It can be configured through XML files to change source and data mapping
  • It can be scheduled or it can be executed directly by console

Modulo Magento integrazione ERP API

It includes a plugin to extend Magento standard APIs!


Benefits for your e-commerce

1) Data are always synced with the ERP System
2) Power and Safe synchronisation
3) Customisation options
4) Manual input-related error and mistake minimisation
5) Free Sync4Mage updates for a year

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